Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tips to Better Posture to Improve Back Pain

Good posture can be beneficial to improving health, protecting the bones, protect the muscles and promote fluid movement. Also, it sends a positive message to walk around with good posture. Poor posture can lead to strains, backaches and makes the body appear feeble. It’s important to practice having good posture in order for it to be a natural reaction. You should stand tall with the chest forward and stomach slightly pushed in. The ears and neck should line up with the shoulders. The head should not be tilted to far to one side. This can led to more strain being put on the neck and causing neck aches.

Here are some tips for protecting the back.

Many people spend sit for long hours in front of a computer. You should sit correctly when performing this activity. The shoulders should be back and with the bottom against the back of the chair. The knees should be lined up with the hips. The legs should not be cross. This will put strain on the hips and back. You can purchase a chair with excellent lumber support. Another option is using a cushion or rolled up towel behind the back.

The way a person sleep can be bad for the posture and have an effect on the body. There is a way to sleep in order to decrease strain on the neck, back and shoulders. It is not a good idea to sleep lying on the back because this puts strains on the back. The shoulders and head should be in a straight line and supported by a pillow. If you sleep on the side then you should have the needs bent. Being comfortable is an important factor when sleeping in positions that promote good posture.

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