Monday, May 3, 2010

Are Painkillers the Best Treatment for Headaches?

Stress is one of the major causes of headaches. Most people live hectic and stressful lives. Overtime, the stress can build and become unbearable. In addition, stress can come from our job, health and family. This could be the reason why some people medicine cabinets are filled with painkillers. Most people are busy and looking for something that will quickly stop their headache. The quickest approach to relieve pain is drugs. This is a temporary treatment for headaches and the headache will return.
If you don’t have frequent headaches then this could be the remedy in dealing with the pain. You should use painkillers at a minimum because painkillers can have some unpleasant side effects. In addition, headaches can be caused by the overuse of pain medication. This is called rebound headaches and a common condition. Around two –thirds of severe headaches are caused or can become worse from the pain medication created to treat the condition. Also, the body can grow a tolerance for the medication. For example, many people who are suffering for a headache will take a couple of pain pills. After taking the pills, the pain will eventually go away. There is no need to take the pills after the headache symptom leaves. On the other hand, the headache will return after the effects of the painkillers wear off. This is a terrible cycle caused by using too much pain pills.
Many people think that a rebound headache can only happen with prescription pain medication. This is not true. People can experience side effects from prescription and over the counter medication. Every pain medication will have some kind of side effects. Also, the side effects from the drugs can be more severe than the initial headache. In addition, pain medication is created to relieve pain but the drugs can cause pain as well. This can be stop by not taking pain medication or not overusing the drugs.
Some users have experience side effects after discontinuing the use of painkillers. The side effects can cause the headache to intensify for the next couple of days or a week. In some cases, you will have to take a different medication to deal with the side effects. The worse case scenario is being hospitalized because of the side effects. The withdrawal symptoms from pain medication can be very unpleasant. Furthermore, another approach is finding safe and natural cures to help treat headaches.

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