Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Do Household Chores without Injury?

It can be a pain in the sacroiliac when doing household chores. Regular chores around the house like talking on the phone, washing dishes and vacuuming can lead to a strained back and damage to the sacroiliac (near tailbone). The pain can be unbearable after hurting the body from doing regular household chores. There are ways to do chores without hurting the back. The back has to be protected when doing activities that require lifting and bending down.

Lifting without Causing Injury

It really doesn’t matter what you are lifting. For example, you could be lifting a bucket or a child. Lifting has to be done in a way that doesn’t cause injury to the body. How can you left without causing damage? You should bend from the knees instead of the waist when lifting. The item needs to be held close to the body. If you have to make a turn to put the item down then you should step in the direction of where the bucket should be placed. This will prevent any twisting of the body and straining of the spine.

Most people try to walk around the home and do other things while talking on the phone. The phone should not be cradle between the neck and shoulder. This will put strain on the neck. The phone should be held in the hand or instead use a speakerphone. In addition, some people like to lean or lay their head on the sofa arm while watching TV. The sofa arm should not be used as a pillow because the angle is too sharp for the neck.

Most chiropractic doctors are very knowledgeable about spinal health. Chiropractic care can treat the problem and find the root cause of the problem. In short, prevention is the best method to avoiding pain and causing the body not to function normally.


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