Thursday, April 29, 2010

Low Back Pain Exercises – Chiropractic Exercises to Relieve Pain

Are you experiencing back pain? Here are three quick and effective exercises to help alleviate upper and middle back pain. Also, the exercises can be done at home and takes a few minutes. If you are experiencing severe back pain then you should go to the doctor before doing any low back pain exercises.

Most people will experience back pain at some point in life. Constantly twisting and bending can lead to hurting or causing injury to the back. If you have to bend or twist then take the necessary steps to do it properly. There are different chiropractic exercises that can be done to get rid of back pain. After doing the exercise, your body will begin to feel better quickly.

Low Back Pain Exercises – Hamstring Stretch

Believe it or not, hamstring stretches can be effective in improving upper or middle back pain. The different organs in the body are connected to another organ. If one part of the body is not functioning then this will affect other parts of the body. Having tight hamstrings means having a tight back. A tight back can lead to back pain.

1. Start by stretching your hamstrings by standing up.
2. Slightly bend the knees and bend over to touch your toes.
The first time doing the exercise you will be unable to bend all the way down and touch the toes. Each time the exercise is performed, you will get further each time.

Cat Stretch Exercise

The “cat stretch” is an exercise for middle back pain. The exercise will stretch the back.
1. You will need to get down on the floor on all fours.
2. The hands should be position like someone getting ready to crawl.
3. The knees and hand should be in place. The next step is leaning back.

If you have a cat or dog then take note of how the dog/cat stretch. This is the way the cat stretch should look when trying the exercise for stretching the back muscles. The exercise will cause the back to release any tension and alleviate any pain.

These are a couple of exercises that can add some comfort for someone dealing with back pain. In addition, a chiropractor will be able to develop a complete treatment plan for someone with back pain. Furthermore, a chiropractor can design a low back pain exercises program to have improve or cure back pain.

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