Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chiropractic for Bedwetting

Many people around the world are affected by bedwetting. This is a common problem for pre-teens, older adults and children. The clinical term for this condition is nocturnal enuresis. In addition, bedwetting can be annoying and embarrassing for someone that suffers from this condition. Most people will try a variety of methods to stop this problem before finding a treatment that actually cures bedwetting. Natural care is one of the ways of dealing with this condition. Many children that suffer from this condition can benefit from seeing a chiropractor for spinal manipulations.

Why are children wetting the bed?

Phrenic reflex is behind the process that causes a child to wet the bed. This is what happens while the body is sleeping. When a person is sleeping, the breathing will slow down. This will cause the carbon dioxide levels in the body to rise. The levels will rise so high that will it will cause a sudden shudder. The shudder is known as a phrenic reflex. As well as, spinal reflex is another name for phrenic reflex. Next, the person will take a deep breath and start to breath normal.
On the other hand, if the phrenic reflex is not functioning properly then the high carbon dioxide levels will cause the smooth muscles to relax. The smooth muscles have a valve at the bottom of the urinary bladder. If any fluid is in the bladder then fluid will be released. This leads to a person wetting the bed.

How can Chiropractors help with this Condition?

The phrenic reflex can be underdeveloped or not completely matured. In other cases, the reflex is completely developed and could be blocked by a vertebral misalignment. This is known as a subluxation. In addition, the blocked vertebrae will apply pressure to the spine and have an affect on a normal sleeping pattern. Chiropractic natural care can ascertain if a person has a misalignment and can lead to the root cause of bedwetting. Chiropractic treatments can help with maneuvering the spine back into the correct position.

Does Chiropractic Treatment really work for this condition?

There have been several case studies on chiropractic treatments and bedwetting. According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 171 children were involved in the case study that had problems with wetting the bed every night on a regular basis. In addition, the children were given chiropractic care to improve any problems with the spine. Twenty five percent of the participants showed a fifty percent reduction in wetting the bed. Fifteen people were cured of the problem after receiving the treatment. All and all, Chiropractic natural care for treating bedwetting shows a decrease in the condition after receiving treatments.

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