Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Think you can't be helped by a Chiropractor?

People seek care for four main reasons:
1. Treatment of a specific symptom.
2. Preventing the symptom from returning.
3. Part of a total approach to optimum physical and mental health.
4. To improve their family's health.

The types of people who seek Chiropractic care can be found below.
1. People involved in auto accidents.
2. People injured on the job.
3. People who slip and fall.
4. People who have sports-related injuries.
5. People who have stress.
6. People who don't exercise as they should.
7. People who are overweight.
8. People who have various aches and pains from normal everyday activities.
The common denominator of the people in the above list is that they have either suffered mishaps that caused injury to their bodies, or they have body types that are more prone to having injuries while performing normal, everyday activities.

These categories can further be broken down into the following:
1. Very young children/infants.
2. Young adolescents.
3. Young adults/teenagers
4. People in their 20's to 30's
5. People in their 40's to 60's
6. People over 70

People in each age category have very specific types of conditions that they are more likely to confront. Chiropractic offers a unique treatment method to combat the various health issues that arise.

For example, the very young children and infants are more likely to have postural difficulties due to the various falls taken while learning to walk, run, ride bicycles, etc. They also tend to have more earaches as well due to the early weakness of the neck and muscles surrounding that area. Many of our patients have found that using chiropractic care for children offers another aspect of care that should be used in addition to the standard medical pediatric care already being received.

Younger adolescents and teenagers should be checked for scoliosis by a chiropractic physician. Chiropractic is the only profession that offers conservative treatment of scoliosis at the time of earliest onset.

To use a botanical analogy: It makes more sense to help a sapling grow straight rather than attempt to change a tree that was allowed to grow crooked over many years.

Chiropractic offers a gentle approach to help your child have the best chance of avoiding more severe treatment methods that may become necessary in later years.

It is very common for adolescent age children to have various symptoms that adults deal with as well. In my experience the difference is that many adults tend to contribute these symptoms to growing pains . And, because the children are younger, with optimal recuperative powers, they tend to respond much quicker than adults with the same symptoms. These same mild spinal conditions can become more serious if left unattended, especially for those children who develop into athletes or very active young adults.

As the age groups get older, the conditions become more obvious ones. Lower back problems, neck pain, and headaches are all very common maladies. They can be caused by poor posture, poor lifting and bending procedures, the stress of our jobs, auto accidents, etc. These conditions must be taken seriously because if not, they create more life-long problems. This is very evident when examining the 40-60 and older categories. After reviewing patient histories taken over many years in practice, it is obvious that the majority of these conditions were caused by not fully correcting spinal problems that occurred many years in the past. Perhaps this may have been due to the fact that prior to the 1990's, Chiropractic did not get the acclaim it has gotten recently in helping these structural conditions.

source: chiroweb.com

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  1. Why don't more people go to the chiropractor?

  2. Chiropractors have a lot on their shoulders, I think.